Full Turnkey Solution

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BLE Lighting & Power Ltd is able to utilise our 50 years industry experience and vast in-depth knowledge of the emergency lighting industry standards to advise, support and guide our clients, ensuring they have high quality systems and products in place in case of an emergency situation.

With the increased focus on safety equipment functionality and the importance of being able to evacuate buildings safely, we at BLE Lighting and Power Ltd aim to make your life easier and assist you in ensuring you and your clients meet all current legislation for emergency lighting. It is this attention to the finer details coupled with such a wide offering of emergency lighting solutions which helps differentiate us from other emergency lighting suppliers.

With the possible consequences for failing to adhere to legislation for emergency lighting ranging from financial damages, to loss of credibility through to the most serious issue of potential fatalities, let BLE help you to avoid falling short of the necessary requirements.

BLE Lighting offer a range of Technical Services which include:

  • Product design and manufacture
  • Technical assistance in emergency lighting system design
  • Delivery to site of emergency systems
  • Battery build and installations of all types of central emergency lighting systems
  • Repair of central back-up power systems
  • Site survey of equipment
  • Annual service of emergency lighting systems