Our Product Range


Our range of lighting incorporates a comprehensive choice of products suitable for new and retro-fit applications, including:

  • Emergency Bulkheads
  • Emergency Twin Spots
  • Emergency Downlights
  • Escape Route Lighting
  • Amenity Lighting
  • Linear Fittings
  • Commerical Lighting

The portfolio also includes our Made in Britain products, which are expertly assembled to the highest quality standards at our production facility in Sheffield.

Power Systems

Our range of back-up power systems and accessories covers:

  • Power Systems
    (Inverters and Central Battery Systems) 
  • Batteries & Accessories
  • Power System Accessories
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Electric Car Chargers

Our range is manufactured to offer choice and flexibility for a range of applications and projects. Whether the project is a refurbishment, upgrade or a new build, the experienced team of sales and technical professionals will work alongside customers to ensure a solution that meets your needs and allows us to maintain the system over its lifetime.

BLE Connect​

All industrial, commercial and public buildings require emergency lighting, which needs to be regularly inspected and tested. Meeting legislative requirements is very labour intensive, especially if you maintain multiple facilities.

Simplify the process with BLE Connect, our new Fully Automated Emergency
Lighting System.

BLE Connect operates using a self healing wireless mesh. Each luminaire automatically detects its neighbour to build the network. If a device is added, removed, or fails, the network will  automatically re-organise and find the most efficient route.