BLE Connect Portal & Reporting

View All Buildings and Luminaires​

Designed with simplicity in mind, the BLE Connect Portal can be easily accessed online from any device. Every building being maintained by a customer can be viewed, with details of each individual luminaire within. Each luminaire has a unique identifier with the ability to then see if it has passed the latest monthly or annual test, along with other key information.

What can I do within the BLE Connect portal?​

Users within the BLE Connect portal are given access to all the areas required to manage and maintain their emergency lighting. This includes adding new fittings to a building and viewing the status of every luminaire. The BLE Connect team are on-hand to assist with additional requirements and settings.

A Dashboard View​

A simple dashboard view is available for each building, showing the percentage of healthy and failed fittings along with the battery health, allowing for planned maintenance.


All information can be viewed within the portal in real time. Also, users can set up individual reports that can be emailed, at a time defined by the user, with the results following each monthly or annual test.

Everything you need to know about the status of your emergency lighting.

Luminaire Status

A simple indicator system advises if each luminaire is operational and has passed the latest functional test.

BLE Connect reports on whether the battery in each luminaire is charging.

BLE Connect uniquely reports on battery health, providing advanced warning when battery health is low.

The location of each luminaire across all sites can be viewed from the portal.

A simple click will instruct a luminaire or site to perform an unscheduled test.

BLE Connect can sense if the light is present from the LEDs as well as checking the mains supply is present.

The schedule can be seen at a glance showing the last performed test for each luminaire and also when the next one is due.

In the event of a failed luminaire, a link to a replacement item is available.

Historic test records are held for each luminare and can be viewed or downloaded.