The Benefits of BLE Connect

Self Healing Wireless Mesh

Each luminaire automatically detects its neighbour to build the network. If a device is removed or fails, the network will automatically re-organise and find the most efficient route.

Easy Installation

With no additional wiring, the system facilitates a straightforward installation.

No Monthly Fees

BLE Connect has no ongoing monthly or subscription fees.

Battery Health

A battery reaching the end of its life can be replaced prior to failure.

Highly Secure

In the wireless mesh all messages are encrypted and authenticated. The nodes are only discoverable by our router.

No Single Point of Failure

There are numerous connection possibilities across the network, meaning no single device is relied upon. If one fails, another device will maintain the connection.

Predictive Maintenance

Knowing about any fault prior to arriving on site offers a time saving advantage.

Adaptive Frequencies

BLE Connect avoids interference by dynamically switching channels when needed.

Manage Multiple Facilities

The user friendly portal allows for the easy maintenance of multiple facilities, with the ability to view each location and drill down to individual luminaires.

Unlimited Connections

There is literally no limit on the number of devices that can be used in a network.

Real Time Reporting

BLE Connect reports faults in real time and sends alerts to the designated responsible person by email or via the user portal.