BS 5266-1:2016 is the code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises inside the UK. This British Standard provides guidance and recommendations on the design, installation, and maintenance of emergency lighting systems in non-domestic buildings. It establishes the necessary requirements to ensure that people can quickly and safely evacuate the premises during power failures or other emergencies affecting normal lighting. The standard covers various aspects of emergency lighting, including:

1. Scope: BS 5266-1 pertains to emergency escape lighting, standby lighting, and escape route lighting for all types of premises, excluding individual dwellings.

2. System Design: The standard outlines the design principles for emergency lighting systems, including specifics on location and siting of emergency luminaires, minimum illumination levels, uniformity, and duration of emergency lighting.

3. Types of Luminaires: BS 5266-1 classifies emergency luminaires into different types, such as maintained and non-maintained luminaires. Maintained luminaires stay lit during normal operation and in an emergency, while non-maintained only work when the primary power supply fails.

4. Power Supply: The standard requires separate power supplies for normal and emergency lighting systems to ensure their independent operation.

5. Testing and Commissioning: This section emphasises the importance of testing and commissioning emergency lighting systems before they are put into service and explains how to carry out these tests.

6. Maintenance and Servicing: Regular inspection and maintenance are central to ensuring the reliability of an emergency lighting system. BS 5266-1 provides recommendations on periodic testing procedures and recording requirements to maintain optimal performance over time.

7. Modifications: A building’s use may change over time, necessitating updates to its emergency lighting system. BS 5266-1 provides guidelines on how to approach modifications while maintaining compliance with the standard.

In summary, BS 5266-1 is an essential reference for professionals involved in designing, installing or maintaining emergency lighting systems in non-domestic buildings. It provides comprehensive guidance and best practices to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable emergency egress in the event of a power failure or other emergency situations.