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Do schools need emergency lighting?

Do schools need emergency lighting: The simple answer is YES!

UK law states that Emergency Lighting within a educational facility must provide a sufficient level of illumination and emergency exit signage should be clear.

A common myth in our industry is that schools don’t need emergency lighting. Pupils usually leave at 3.30pm. Opinion is, that there’s enough daylight, therefore emergency exits are still illuminated within the building. However, some rooms within schools are windowless. Additionally, educational facilities are used out of hours by staff. Caretakers may be present. Also events which involve groups of people; like a parents’ evening, breakfast/after school club or sporting event often take place. In these instances, the building wouldn’t be compliant. More importantly, putting the safety of children and other occupants at risk.

The person responsible for the duty of care of anyone present within the school, has to consider both the emergency escape lighting and escape route signage throughout the building. Furthermore, the school’s emergency lighting must be regularly tested to demonstrate that the lighting will operate as required in the event of an emergency.

Safety of pupils and the employees are our top priority

BLE provide and manufacture a range of fully-compliant, high quality, reliable emergency lighting solutions. Additionally, these are maintained by an effective Quality Management System. This system is complemented with membership of the LIA and ICEL, alongside ISO9001:2015 and CHAS accreditations.

Our team of lighting experts are here to assist schools, external FM providers and preferred contractors. We select the best system for the building which meets legislation compliance. Of course, our priority is to ensure students and employees are able to evacuate safely.

Updating your emergency lighting system could also save you money

Developments in lighting technologies, particularly LED Technology, provides the opportunity to reduce energy, maintenance costs and carbon footprint. As a result, improving the quality and controllability of lighting within the school.

During our 50 years of experience in Emergency Lighting and Power, we’ve worked in the education sector on:

• New build and expansion projects
• Refurbishment and renovation of facilities
• Equipment upgrades
• Planned maintenance and testing
• Emergency products repair or replacement

Contact us to learn more about how we can ensure the safety of your school.