If you are considering swapping to an electric car, you are likely to have heard all the misconceptions regarding owning one. Electric vehicle technology has developed quickly in recent times but limits of early technology are still considered reasons not to make the switch to an EV. Let’s unpick the top three common myths to help put you at ease on your electric car journey.

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1. Electric vehicles are too expensive

Electric cars are an expensive option on the forecourt, and that’s partly down to the materials and construction process. However, running costs of EVs will typically be cheaper than for a petrol or diesel car. An EV could save you £176 in running costs for every 1,000 miles driven. This means it can cost as little as 2p a mile to run an EV when charging on off-peak electricity, compared to over 20p per mile for petrol and diesel. There are also tax incentives in place for owners of EVs, including zero road tax and favourable company car tax rates saving some drivers over £2,000 per year. All this means that the market for more affordable zero emission vehicles is growing rapidly. As of May 2022, 24 models are priced under £32,000 compared to 15 at the same time in 2021. With production costs reducing, it’s predicted that some EVs could be the same price to purchase as a petrol or diesel car well within the 2020s.

2. EVs do not have enough battery range

Though the actual range of electric cars has moved on considerably, range anxiety is still a factor for many motorists in 2022.
Most drivers’ needs are easily met by an EV as 99% of car journeys in England are under 100 miles. EV’s are now capable of going more than 200 miles on a single charge. By 2022, the average EV range is estimated to be 275 miles and by 2028, 400 miles. With battery prices having fallen to 80% of what they were in 2010, continued price decreases in 2021 and further drops forecasted in the long term, we expect to see more EVs available with greater range.

3. There are not enough chargepoints

The UK has one of the most extensive rapid charging networks in Europe, there are over 31,000 public chargepoints available across the UK. There are also more than 5,800 rapid chargers. On average, over 600 new chargers are being added to the UK’s road network each month, of which over 100 are rapid. There are thousands of free electric car charge points in the UK, often located in supermarkets, shopping centres, public car parks, hotels and sometimes service stations. Today, a driver is never more than 25 miles away from a chargepoint anywhere along England’s motorways and A roads.

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