BLE Lighting & Power Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of its new 2020 Product Catalogue.

The catalogue provides full product details across the five core BLE brands; BLE Essentials, BLE Awex, BLE Made in Britain, BLE Silux & BLE Power; each offering a different solution for the customer.

Our brands offer a comprehensive range of products, with modern and contemporary designs suitable for new projects and traditionally designed ranges appropriate for retrofit applications. Our guarantees range from one to three years so customers can select the option right for them. We also offer a smart wireless lighting system and emergency power solutions to complete the package. These are all detailed in the new catalogue with full specification, product images and dimensional drawings providing our customers with the support they need across the range.

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The catalogue features our newly launched BLE Awex range, which offers state-of-the-art products in emergency lighting backed up by technical expertise and continuous product development

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This modern range of products is manufactured in Europe to the highest standard and comes complete with a two year guarantee

Also included is our growing range of Made in Britain products, which are expertly assembled to the highest quality standards at our production facility in Sheffield. We manufacture a selection of Emergency Exit Signs and Bulkheads suitable for a range of applications, complete with a three year guarantee which offers extra peace of mind to the customer.

The catalogue is also supported by the recent launch of the BLE Website, offering full product and company details along with our latest News, Blogs and Case Studies. Hard copies of the catalogue can be requested from [email protected] or by calling 01246 432325. A PDF is available to download here.

BLE Lighting & Power has supplied and manufactured emergency lighting and power systems for over 50 years. We are committed to delivering high quality products and services to our customers. We have the technical expertise and knowledge on industry and legislative standards to ensure that we supply a fully compliant solution to meet the needs of each project no matter how big or small.

Download our new catalogue