A fire alarm call point or manual call point, provides an opportunity to manually raise the alarm in the event of a fire. The button, which is usually placed behind breakable glass, is pushed raising the alarm and so alerting everyone in the building.

They add another safety measure to a fire alarm system by giving you the chance to take control quickly and effectively. This can help resolve a potential fire before it triggers the automated fire and smoke detectors. Sounding the alarm even if the automated detection system has failed, proves them to be an essential part of any building’s fire detection system.

It makes good sense then to ensure positioning them so anyone leaving a building passes at least one call point, making it easy to raise an alarm in the event of a fire or emergency. They should be conspicuous and positioned no higher than 1.4 m from the floor, but may be reduced to make accessible to wheelchair users. Placing them near fire escapes, corridors, and other exit points will ensure they are easily accessed. No-one should have to travel more than 45 metres within the building to reach a manual call point, except if the exit routes are undefined in which case the direct line distance should not exceed 30 metres. For disabled residents, this should be adapted to within 25m of each other.

Read more about the regulatory requirements for fire detectors and alarms here BS EN 54

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