Decentralised Operation​

The core of the technology is ‘decentralised’ operation. We distribute all network management tasks to each device in the network. Devices are smart enough to make all decisions locally. Based on the local measurements, they decide how to form, maintain and operate the network. Every device can be a router at any time and can send and receive data within the network.

What Makes BLE Connect Versatile?​

Range and density

BLE Connect utilises Wirepas protocol. The mesh uses the most modern radio technology, allowing a reliable multi-kilometer range between devices within the mesh network, ideal for large sites and institutions.


BLE Connect supports all communication directions – uplink, downlink, node to node – and addressing modes – unicast, multicast, broadcast.


Every transmitted message is encrypted with a unique AES-128 key counter mode.

What Makes BLE Connect Reliable?​

No single point of failure

Any device can be a router leading to multiple possible connections. Gateways are fully mutualised - in case one drops, another maintains the connection.

Adaptive Frequency Agility

BLE Connect avoids interference by dynamically switching channels when needed. It offers frequency agility on several channels and short time on-air (i.e 40 channels at 1mbps in BLE Connect Mesh 2.4Ghz).

Operations Principles

- Listen Before Talk (LBT) - Adaptive transmit power - Local multi-channel interference avoidance

Self Healing Wireless Mesh​

Each luminaire automatically detects its neighbour to build the network. If a device is added, removed, or fails, the network will automatically re-organise to find the most efficient route. There are numerous connection possibilities across the network, meaning no single device is relied upon. If one fails, another device will maintain the connection.