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warehouse lighting

Warehouse lighting: The pandemic may have already changed your warehouse environment, and will probably continue to do so for the unforeseeable future. Perhaps you have seen a growth in demand for certain product lines, putting stress on supply chains as never before. There’s never been a better time for employers to look at their facilities and consider the employees sharing the workplace to ensure everybody’s health and safety is protected. It is also expected that following the crisis there will be renewed focus on sustainability, it’s likely that new policies will be put in place in an attempt to prevent pollution returning to the levels seen pre-pandemic. This will mean that buildings will have to conform with energy standards and good practices such as LED lighting.

Over time conventional warehouse lighting will become unfit for purpose due to the age and type of light fittings, it won’t provide the same light output as when originally installed and this can lead to a lot of darkened areas without sufficient lighting. It’s also common for warehouse lighting fixtures to be poorly aligned with aisles. Often the layout has been changed around, maybe the building wasn’t always a warehouse, perhaps it was used for a different purpose in the past and the lighting fixtures were never re-positioned accordingly. Adequate illumination from lighting systems in the aisles and open spaces of warehouses, storage facilities and distribution centres are necessary so that stored goods can be easily identified and employees can find their way through the aisles safely, reducing the risk of accidents and damage. Therefore, a facility looking to reduce their energy costs while still providing enough quality light within and outside its premises should be using LED lighting.

LED lighting has a number of advantages when compared to conventional lighting. While LED lights provide improved energy and maintenance efficiencies and there are a few things they do for warehouses that most people may not realize, for example LED lights are the next best alternative when natural light isn’t possible. LED lighting can emit a bright, pure white light that appears like daylight. Working in poor lighting can cause fatigue, whereas sufficient, quality light can actually make employees more alert which can lead to a happier workplace with fewer mistakes. LEDs are also extremely tough and durable, they can last up to 20 years without needing replacements, making them perfect for a warehouse setting. Designed for constant use, you can keep your warehouse lit into the night making space usable for late shifts and allowing you to get the most out of those shorter winter days. By upgrading to LED warehouse lighting you can contribute to a safer, brighter, more productive work environment.

Warehouse lighting

There’s no time like the present to start looking at upgrading to LEDs and energy efficient lighting design, especially if your electricity bill is high, you’re unhappy with your current lighting system and, in an age where environmental responsibility is high on the agenda for most businesses, by upgrading now you are reducing your carbon footprint and so contributing to a more positive effect on the environment. Contact our team at BLE Lighting & Power, we have over 50 years of experience and expertise to ensure you get the best lighting solution for your business, let’s start saving you money today!


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